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About Aarika Lee

Aarika Lee—Singer-songwriter and co-founder of creative agency Elementary & Co—is married to local rapper Kevin Lester, a.k.a. TheLionCityBoy. Dubbed the Beyoncé of Singapore by Female magazine, the stylish 34-year-old mother of two often travels with her extended family.

Aarika Lee's travel style

Star Cruises BBQ Photo by Star Cruises

Q: Who do you travel with?
I travel often with my parents and siblings so our holidays need to offer something for everyone, including time for my siblings and I to explore while my parents enjoy the hotel, and activities to keep my two children occupied.

Q: What experiences do you go for on your trips?
Being the foodies that we are, having a variety of cuisine is very important to us.

Q: What is your impression of cruise holidays?
I haven’t been on a cruise before as I’ve always felt there isn’t much to do onboard. Now that I’ve rediscovered the diversity of activities a cruise, I’d definitely love to try going on one as I think it’ll be a different experience for my family!

Ideal cruise options for Aarika

DreamWorks Royal Caribbean Photo by Royal Caribbean International

#1: For the multi-generational traveller—On a cruise, take your pick of activities that cater for all in the family! Aarika’s children will be well taken care of with the various options onboard, such as Star Cruises’ SuperStar Gemini’s year-end school holiday activities that allow children to learn how to be a chef, a scientist or even a ship’s captain, ensuring that the young ones will be occupied throughout the sailing. Meanwhile, Aarika’s parents can attend Chinese Tea Appreciation Classes at the tea corner.

Aarika and family can end the day on the pool deck watching movie screenings with the exclusive Movie under the Stars experience onboard Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess, or meet their favourite DreamWorks characters onboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, and enjoy exclusive character parades, meals and 3D movies!

#2: For food lovers like Aarika’s family, a gastronomic adventure awaits with a wide variety of restaurants, such as rustic Italian, premium steak or fresh seafood onboard Mariner of the Seas, or the range of international cuisine prepared by award winning chefs onboard SuperStar Gemini. They can also look forward to ‘Chocolate journeys’, created for Princess Cruises by Internationally-acclaimed Master Chocolatier and pastry chef Norman Love, served onboard Sapphire Princess.

About Laila Lu

Laila Lu

Laila Lu, 25, writes the fashion blog Rock The Trend, which is closely followed by style influencers and fashion houses. An avid traveller, she often travels over public holidays or long weekends.

Laila Lu's travel style

Q: Who do you travel with?
I always travel either with a bunch of friends or my family. What I enjoy the most is exploring different countries and learning about different cultures.

Q: What experiences do you go for on your trips?
I go for the food, shopping, the museums and local markets like Bangkok’s Chatuchak. I always go for spas and massages! Fitness courses like yoga also appeal to young travellers like me. 

Ideal cruise options for Laila

Outdoor Exercise Princess Cruises Photo by Princess Cruises

#1: For those who love pampering spa treats like Laila, check out The Sanctuary on Sapphire Princess which has an adults-only relaxation area for sublime massages and sun-tanning, or The King Neptune Health Club on the SuperStar Gemini, which offers spa treatments, massages and foot reflexology.

#2: Active young travellers would also love practising yoga while soothed by the ocean breeze onboard the Mariner of the Seas or scaling the outdoor rock-climbing wall for a bird’s eye view of the blue yonder. Alternatively, sign up for classes such as Zumba, Pilates, stretch, abs-toning and body-sculpt boot camps at the Sapphire Princess’ fitness centre.

# 3: Those keen to explore different countries and cultures can take their pick of cruises out of Singapore, being a natural and easy gateway to the beautiful beaches in the Philippines, and a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Melaka and Georgetown in Malaysia, Ayuttaya in Thailand or Halong Bay in Vietnam!

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